Hung Windows

Our Hung windows are high-quality, energy-efficient windows that offer ventilation and airflow without taking up much space when you open them. These practical windows come with a tilt-in feature that ensures efficient airflow and allows for easy access for cleaning.

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Norden Seal Hung windows are practical windows that are suited for areas with limited spaces such as bathrooms, hallways, walk-in wardrobes, etc. While the upper sash is fixed, the lower sash operates vertically, allowing for optimal ventilation in a Single Hung windows. Since the sliding pane of our single-hung windows tilts inward, it provides easy access to both sides for cleaning. Our Double-hung windows come with sashes that have compression weather stripping and springs to enhance durability, protection from the weather, and security. They are made of two sashes that easily slide along the grove. Norden Seal hung windows are waterproof, sealed properly, and secured with a safe-locking system.

Made with cutting-edge 100% lead-free uPVC vinyl material, hung windows also offer long-lasting durability. We are your one-stop-shop for the best quality and energy-efficient windows in Canada!


Single Hung Windows
Single Hung Windows
Single Hung
Double Hung Windows
Double Hung
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$ 404 – $ 727

Pressure fit, contoured heavy-duty overlap screen. Choosing the right window screen depends on your needs and requirements.

Sash Locks

Unique easy operating locking points that reduce air leakage and increase security.

Heavy-duty sash balancer

Heavey-duty constant force window balancer allows windows to open and close smoothly.

Low-E Glass

Low-E glass has been specially designed to meet the new performance requirements for ENERGY STAR® Canada.


Norden Seal offers an extensive collection of grill patterns to suit both traditional and modern tastes.

Glass Privacy

Specialty textured and tinted glass provides privacy and can beautify the appearance to allow light to enter your home, without letting anyone look in.


Industry Leaders in Window Manufacturing, Supplying, and Installation.

Norden Seal offers a full-frame installation of energy-efficient hung windows. We install and replace all window parts, down to the construction frame. The construction frame is also checked for damages, mold, or moisture. New custom windows get outfitted with new brick molds, jambs, and trim.

Our team, of highly-skilled window installer professionals, is committed to providing you with exceptional casement window installation services at all times. We offer the best home replacement services, including expert advice and details on the best vinyl replacement windows from our selection.

We know that installing vinyl replacement windows can be quite tricky, but our experienced team has got you covered!. If you’re wondering where to get started with your vinyl window repair process, book a call with us today!

ECO-Friendly Renovation

Our Energy Star® rated windows and doors will keep your indoor environment more comfortable in all kinds of weather. The latest innovations in construction and installation mean that you will have lasting comfort and security against the weather elements, intruders, and outdoor noise and pollutants.

ENERGY Efficient

Our windows are multi-glazed with double or triple panes, have a Low-E coating, and are filled with argon gas This enhances their insulation properties and makes them extremely energy efficient. The robust seal ensures that the sash is forced closely against the frame, resulting in optimum air tightness to prevent any air leaks. Norden Seal windows can retain heat within your home, block out harmful UV sun rays and be energy-saving. You can now reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs with lower gas bills!

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