Egress Windows

Egress windows, also known as emergency exit windows or escape windows, play a crucial role in providing an alternate route for occupants to evacuate a building in situations where the primary exits may be blocked or inaccessible. Our professional Installers are highly skilled in installation and maintenance of Egress windows in Calgary and Winnipeg.

Egress Windows in Calgary


Egress windows in Calgary and Winnipeg are necessary unless there is a door that leads from the bedroom outside. All bedrooms and sleeping areas are required to have egress windows. For a window to be egress, it has to have at least 16 inches of unobstructed opening in either height, width, or length and have an area of at least 3.77 sq. feet.

An Egress Window in Calgary and Winnipeg must provide an unobstructed opening with a minimum area of 3.77 sq. ft. (0.35 m2), and with no dimension less than 15“(380mm). For example, a window with an unobstructed clear opening of 15″ by 15″ is not suitable because the area would be less than the minimum required 3.77 sq. feet.


  • If structural changes such as altering or moving beams/ columns or modifications to foundation walls or floor structure is planned;
  • If you are adding rooms, bedrooms and creating living spaces;
  • If you are developing previously unfinished areas and opening a window in the concrete wall.
When a building permit is required, the following must be provided at the time of application:
  • A scaled floor plan indicating the use of rooms. Signed and sealed engineered drawings for the alteration or moving of beams, columns or floor joist structure or the enlargement or creation of a bedroom window in a foundation wall. A section drawing showing the headroom clearance at the stairs. If a window is being added or enlarged in the sidewall of the home, a site plan and elevation drawing showing side yard clearances and dimensions of all openings. This may be required for front and rear as well in certain situations.
  • If a bedroom window is being installed below grade, a section drawing through the window well. A separate electrical permit will always be required for development of a lower level. If any plumbing additions or alterations are planned then a separate plumbing permit will also be required.

Note: These building codes are not the same for all provinces. It is important for you to conduct your research or contact Norden Seal Windows and Doors to find out the building codes that apply to your area of residence.


Here is a simple calculation to determine if your window area meets the Egress standard or not.

Multiply an unobstracted opening of your window (its width with its height), then convert the result to square feet.

You have a window 15 “wide by 36.2” high (or vice versa). Multiply 15 “x 36.2”, giving 543“, which equals 3.77 sq.ft, the minimum area to meet.
Dimensions to be inside frame to inside frame


Window type
Single Slider
Double Slider
Frame Width (inches):
Frame Height (inches):
Unobstructed opening:
0 ft2
Change width/height value to start calculation

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