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Norden Seal Awning windows are elegantly-designed and energy-efficiently engineered to combine style, comfort, and practicality. Their weatherproofing properties and upward-opening make them perfect for homes. Our professionals are highly skilled in installation and maintenance of Awning windows in Winnipeg and Calgary.

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Our awning windows are made with premium quality uPVC to ensure durability and low maintenance. They have optimal ventilation and are prone to high levels of humidity, making them ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and any living space. 

Norden Seal awning windows are hinged at the top and open outwards at 45° thus shielding your house from rain. It comes with a multi-point locking system, for enhanced security and insulation. The windows also have airtight and watertight corners that help to keep away harsh exterior conditions. The interior multi-chamber structure ensures unmatched thermal efficiency and incredible noise abatement.

Our experts are constantly reinventing our products to create thermally superior, ENERGY-STAR rated awning windows that flaunt the best insulation features in the market.


Type Glass:
Color Options:
Total Price Range:
$ 441 – $ 726

Pressure fit, contoured heavy-duty overlap screen. Choosing the right window screen depends on your needs and requirements.

Truth Folding Handles

The handle provides smooth operation with a more contemporary look when nested and allows for easy screen removal without removing the crank.

Heavy-Duty Operator

Our awning windows have easy-to-operate stainless steel hinges that offer long-term durability.

Low-E glass

Low-E glass has been specially designed to meet the new performance requirements for ENERGY STAR® Canada.


Norden Seal offers an extensive collection of grill patterns to suit both traditional and modern tastes.

Glass Privacy

Specialty textured and tinted glass provides privacy and can beautify the appearance to allow light to enter your home, without letting anyone look in.

Awning Window Installation Costs by Location

There are many factors that determine Awning window installation cost in Winnipeg and Calgary, however Awning windows prices start from $400 and go up to $1500 in Calgary and Winnipeg.

*All the prices given in the table are approximate.

Awning Window Prices by Custom Size

There are many factors that determine Awning window prices in Winnipeg and Calgary by custom size. you may be eligible for the Canada Greener Homes Grant, which could help you save on your new windows.

**All the prices given in the table are approximate.


Perfomance Criteria

Industry Leaders in Window Manufacturing, Supplying, and Installation.
Our sliding windows are comfortable to operate and allow wider installations. Norden Seal experts are adept at installing sliding windows and are ready to help you with a new project or to replace old windows in Winnipeg and Calgary.
We know that installing vinyl replacement sliding windows can be quite tricky, but our experienced team has got you covered! Our team, of highly-skilled window installer professionals, is committed to providing you with an exceptional sliding window installation services at all times. We offer the best home replacement services, including expert advice and details on the best vinyl replacement windows from our selection.

ECO-Friendly Renovation

Our Energy Star® rated awning windows will keep your indoor environment more comfortable in all kinds of weather. The latest innovations in construction and installation mean that you will have lasting comfort and security against the weather elements, intruders, and outdoor noise and pollutants.

Energy-Efficient Awning Windows

Our awning windows are multi-glazed with double or triple panes, have a Low-E coating, and are filled with argon gas. This enhances their insulation properties and makes them extremely energy efficient. The robust seal ensures that the sash is forced closely against the frame, resulting in optimum air tightness to prevent any air leaks. Norden Seal awning windows can retain heat within your home, block out harmful UV sun rays and be energy-saving. You can now reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs with lower gas bills!


All Canadian window companies have a certain size limit for each window they can produce. The chart below demonstrates the maximum standard window sizes for common window types that our production line manufactures. Both maximum sizes can’t be used at the same time. Important is that the maximum square footage is maintained within the parameters given below.

Window Glass Min Width Min Height Max Width Max Height Max Sq. Ft.
Awning Double Glass 14.5″ 14″ 50″ 60″ 17 sq. ft.
Awning Triple Glass 14.5″ 14″ 50″ 50″ 16 sq. ft.

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