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Insulating glass units traditionally made use of a metallic double glazing spacer in order to separate two glass panes. Usually, these were aluminum-made and were super conductive, facilitating lots of heat loss. To help prevent condensation and heat transfer, warm edge glazing bar technology systems were invented. Super Spacer is a pre-desiccated, non-metal structural foam that provides superb insulation for glazing units that are sealed, ultimately simplifying insulation glass production.

What is Super Spacer?

Traditional windows use a metallic spacer bar to hold together the two window panes. These tend to be super conductive, sucking cold from outside to inside. Norden Seal Super Spacer introduces a new technology which uses a non-metallic insulation for high standard performing windows, fitted with argon gas. Since its introduction, Super Spacer has become a force to reckon with when it comes to spacer systems that are energy efficient. With 100% memory, this technology allows for contraction and expansion in our vinyl windows unlike in traditional sealed units. In addition to this, Super Spacer lasts two times longer than dual seal systems and it is not cold conductive.


From enhancing production of the manufacture of insulation glass units, to improving the energy efficiency of windows, our Super Spacer space bars come with tons of benefits.

  • Reduction of Sealant Stress

    Super Spacers feature thermoset polymer, a material that contracts and expands easily, always returning to the original shape. Our windows are energy star certified for quality assurance

  • Enhanced Heat Flow Resistance

    With Super Spacer, there is an all-foam structural formula that blocks the transfer of heat, providing optimal thermal performance. Our Super Spacer reduces heat flow 950 times better than aluminum and is designed for Canadian winter. This translates to reduced energy costs, reduced chances of mold growth, and less frosting.

  • Improves Glass Surface Temperature

    Super Spacer’s highly low heat conductivity means reduced variation in the IG unit’s surface temperature.

  • Improves Sound Absorption

    The closed-cell foam polymer in our Super Spacer transmits little sound as compared to traditional aluminum spacers.

  • Improves Condensation Resistance

    The highly reduced window interior condensation, health problems that come with mold will be ultimately eliminated.

Norden Seal provides only the highest quality Super Spacer spacing technologies. With our sophisticated spacer system you will dramatically reduce frosting. This helps in retaining heat and keeping your costs down.



Double and Triple glass window options are meant to enhance energy efficiency both in modern eco-friendly homes and in older models that want to spruce up while going green in the process. Both types have a simple construction and their subtle difference makes what you settle for a significant choice especially when it comes to how much energy efficiency you are looking at. Homeowners in regions with long heating seasons, the main point of concern is saving on their utility bill by preventing heat loss. Window upgrades, especially for old-model houses, can lead to reduction in air leakage. While double glass windows are more energy efficient that single ones, triple pane windows are the most efficient option.

What are double and triple pane windows?

Triple pane windows are raising in popularity as double pane ones get slowly phased out. Seemingly more luxurious, they are an excellent choice seeing as they enhance a house’s energy efficiency by way of adding on to the heat retention using the two-pane glass system. An insulating gas, usually argon gas or krypton gas, is filled between both panes. Double glass windows mostly come with a low E-coating technology in which a glaze that reflects sunlight is used to prevent heat build-up and radiation is used to retain your home’s temperature.

Triple Pane Window
Double-Glass Window


Most manufacturers do not usually offer triple pane windows. This is due to the fact that the 3 glass panes makes their construction slightly complicated, making them come off a little bit luxurious. The extra glass sheet gives more room for insulating gases such as argon, which translated into a higher price. Triple glazed windows are more efficient when it comes to retaining your home’s temperature, and keeping it at consistent levels.

As compared to double glazed windows, triple pane windows offer higher humidity levels and reduced condensation. They are also better when it comes to filtering UV rays out than Double glass windows. Featuring a warm inside-the-house glass surface during winter, you can be sure that the house’s humidity levels will be improved, decreasing the condensation potential.

Triple Double

Slightly more complicated given the extra glass sheet

Not so complicated as they have one sheet of glass less


Slightly pricier as they are more complicated in construction and are filled with more insulating gas

Less pricy as the insulating gas between the glass panes is less

Humidity & Condensation

Higher humidity levels and reduced condensation

Lower humidity levels and higher condensation

Energy efficiency

More energy efficient as they have better insulation. The additional glass sheet gives more room for insulation gases such as argon and krypton.

The typical triple pane window reflects 97% of energy, allowing only 3% to come through.

Less energy efficient due to the fact that there is less room for insulating gases between the glass panes. These windows have only two glass panes.

The average double pane window will reflect 90% of energy and only let 10% through.

Are triple-glass windows worth the money?

If insulation and energy savings are your top priority, and you live in an extreme or fluctuating climate, triple pane windows will be the superior choice.

With Norden Seal triple glass windows we use extra low-E coating in our vinyl windows. Low-emissivity coatings is applied at molecular level during window manufacturing. With this feature, the energy efficiency and overall performance of the window is greatly improved. All windows are argon gas insulated and with the triple pane window, you get better insulation seeing as it is designed for Canadian winter. Being energy star certified, our triple pane windows will help you save up an extra 3%-5% on your annual energy bills.

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