Retrofit VS Brickmold

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Retrofit Installations

A retrofit installation is when a replacement window is installed in an existing frame, without removing the existing frame. The existing glass is cut out and removed from the frame, while everything else stays intact. The replacement window is then fitted in or “retrofitted” into the remaining frame. This installation method appeals primarily to homeowners whose homes are relatively outdated, but want to preserve some of the historical characteristics, such as the window frames. This installation can also be much more cost efficient, since time spent on labor is significantly less.

Full-Frame installation

A full-frame installation involves the complete removal of the existing window frame, existing brickmould, jams, casing, and the trim. The entire window is cut out, deteriorating wood is removed, and a new window with a complete frame is installed. Because it is a new installation, this method guarantees a perfect seal.

Stud-to-Stud (Aluminium)

This type of window installation is very similar to a full-frame installation, all existing window components are removed down to the stud. In fact, the only difference is that the stud-to-stud installation does not require brick moulding around the window. Instead, an aluminum flashing will be utilized with caulking and foam insulation.

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