The Linea door comes with unique embossed features that give it a post-industrial look. This model is specifically designed to incorporate a doorlite or a pull bar, making Linea the ideal solution for narrow entryways.

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Traditional Steel Doors

Norden Seal has a vast collection of high-quality steel entry doors. Our steel doors are as functional as they are attractive and impressive. They provide superior performance, high security, and long durability.

Our steel entry doors come factory finished in white, requiring no further coatings. Pre-finished doors can be custom painted to fit any style, design, or color palette of your choice.

A steel door is an ideal choice if you are looking for a high-performance, easy maintenance, long-lasting, and affordable option. Our traditional steel doors are made with premium quality steel material and come in unique styles and options.

  1. Reinforced Strength: All our steel doors utilize full-length steel with reinforced wood lock block to provide enhanced security. This also allows versatility in style, by choosing from a wide selection of hardware mounting options.
  2. Strength and Security: Our steel doors are designed to be both aesthetically appealing and security-minded. High performance and impact-resistance steel make the steel doors extra strong and secure.
  3. Durability: Interlocking steel door skins use stiles to form a J-bend edge that increases stability and provides superior resistance to delamination.
  4. Moisture Protection and Fire Resistance: All our steel doors are resistant to rain, fire, and other weather extreme elements.
  5. Energy Efficiency: Doors are one of the main reasons for energy loss from drafts and poor insulation. Our steel doors utilize 100% CFC-free polyurethane foam to provide superior door insulation and boast an excellent, certified energy efficiency.
  6. Classic Shapes and Styles: Choose from our collection of elegant steel door designs and add charisma to your front entryway.

Norden Seal guarantees you the best residential steel doors and the best traditional steel doors in Canada that offer improved security, energy efficiency, durability, and add to the aesthetics of your house.

What is a multi point lock system?

The Multi-Point Locking System offers an additional layer of security to your home doors. Norden Seal guarantees premium quality multi-point locks that are developed with European technology to meet the highest standards for resistance against forced entry, fire safety, and accessibility.

These locks activate automatically when you simply close your door –  not require any handle lifting to activate locking points. Both top and bottom ¾”(20mm) latches are instantly engaged. The system extends to almost the full height of the door because of multiple locking points along the edge of the door.

The extra locking points fortify the security of your home by providing a tighter seal along the length of the door, from top to bottom. This compression also makes the door more weathertight than a standard door, which makes it more energy efficient.

Our automated multi-point lock system is a reliable and secure locking solution for your home entrance.

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Stainless Steel
Paint Options

You can choose from a variety of colors that will beautifully complement your exterior architecture and enhance your interior style.

Norden Seal uses premium quality commercial paint and stain finishes, specifically designed for fiberglass and steel doors. Painting and staining not only add elegance to your door but also give it excellent protection from weather exposure and make it maintenance-free. Pre-stained and pre-painted doors have durable surfaces that can last for many years, with little to no maintenance as well as keep your home entrance attractive and secure.

Our paints and stains carry a 10-year warranty against discolorations and adhesion failure.

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