Crystal offers a harmonious balance between country and contemporary styles thanks to its composition of Screen glass, clear perpendicular lines and elegant beveled squares. This model adds a modern touch to classic-style homes with stone or brick facades.

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Standard features
  • Privacy level: 3/5 semi-private – Lots of privacy with some clear areas.
  • Product type: Stained glass – Screen glass, clear glass and beveled clear glass. Patina caming (black).
    Handcrafted stained glass windows are made of textured glass, assembled in geometric shapes in a structure of zinc caming. The refraction of light in the glass makes your entryway shine and creates a desired degree of privacy while incorporating clear areas allowing you to see outwards.Pairing: Looks great when paired with Screen or clear glass sidelites and transoms.
  • Materials and composition: Triple glazed Insulated unit assembled with two aluminum spacers and stained glass in between. Glazing with energy-efficient glass (low emissivity) and argon gas. This composition reduces heat transfer and improves energy efficiency.
Standard dimensions
  • Insulated glass sizes: 22×64″, 7×64″, 22×48″, 8×48″, 22×36″, 8×36″, 22×17″, 22×14 ⁷⁄₁₆”
  • Opening size: 23×65″, 8×65″, 23×49”, 9×49”, 23×37”, 9×37”, 23×18″, 23×15 ⁷⁄₁₆”
  • Insulated glass thickness: 1″

Norden Seal guarantees that all elements of the glass supplied to the manufacturers are of premium quality and offers a 10-year limited warranty on double sealed glass units against any visible defect in the watertight seal due to materials or workmanship, starting on the date shown on the insert.

This 10 years warranty applies to material and workmanship defects on parts and components as herein specified. This warranty will be in effect for the duration specified conditional to the normal use of the applicable products and subject to other conditions specified in this 10-year warranty. For detailed Warranty conditions please refer to our Warranty Information section.

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