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Experience exceptional value, performance, and durability with our high-quality windows and doors, expertly manufactured in Manitoba to withstand the harsh Canadian climate. Our doors feature a high-performance design with a multi-point locking system and triple glazing, ensuring superior thermal performance and a tight seal against air and water intrusion. Precision-crafted using heavy-wall extrusions and CNC-controlled machinery, our products offer unmatched consistency and reliability. Designed and manufactured with German-engineered hardware, they provide top-tier security with Hoppe Secustik™ Handles and advanced locking mechanisms.

Our windows and doors also prioritize comfort and convenience, with inswing windows for easy cleaning and a tilt function for secure ventilation. The airtight design not only enhances energy efficiency but also reduces noise for a quieter home environment. With a variety of color options and realistic wood-grain finishes, our products offer aesthetic versatility without the upkeep of real wood. UV-stable uPVC profiles ensure long-lasting durability, while internal steel reinforcements and corrosion-resistant hardware maintain structural integrity over time. Enjoy all these benefits at an exceptional value, thanks to our efficient production process that minimizes waste and manual labor.

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We strive to offer building products that will set your home apart by offering value, performance, and durability. Our goal is to provide high-quality products by focusing on innovation and manufacturing excellence.

Our windows and doors are manufactured in Manitoba and are made to work in the harsh Canadian climate.

High-performance design

  • Multi-point locking system on all four sides of the window and three-layer continuous weather stripping ensure a tight seal against air leakage and water intrusion
  • Six-chamber profile design and standard triple glazing with 2x argon and 2x Low-E coating result in excellent thermal performance


  • Heavy-wall extrusions for increased precision and consistency
  • CNC-controlled machinery for accurate and consistent results
  • Extrusions and hardware designed and manufactured in Germany


  • Multi-point locking system, Hoppe Secustik ™ Handles, slotted strikers, and stepped profile design provide a high level of security

Comfort and Convenience

  • Inswing windows allow for cleaning from inside the house
  • Tilt function for ventilation provides security and convenience
  • High-performance airtight design also has the benefit of sound reduction


  • Three-way adjustability on all windows and doors to compensate for building movement

Design choices

  • Variety of colors available to match any style
  • Realistic wood-grain designs without the maintenance of real wood


  • UV-stable uPVC profiles are maintenance-free and will not fade, discolor or become brittle over time
  • Internal steel reinforcement for best structural integrity, even on large units
  • Hardware with Class 5 corrosion protection (480+hr salt spray rating)
  • Durable foil wraps on profiles are scratch resistant and will not fade or discolor


  • Enjoy all these benefits without paying a premium for your windows and doors!
  • Efficient production process that minimizes waste and manual labor

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