About Us

At Norden Seal, we offer an unmatched selection of vinyl doors and windows. Since our establishment, we have taken a leading spot in innovation, providing top-notch quality products while going the extra mile to surpass requirements in creating products that our customers are proud of.



We are a trusted doors and windows company that continues to inspire homeowners with quality products. We strive to set the bar even higher, as we pioneer new products that give your home an expressive and rather distinctive feel. Our doors and windows meet your comfort and security needs while ultimately transforming your living or working space through unique design options.

Norden Seal is a company driven by one purpose; creating and imagining better ways to live. As more time gets spent indoors, we take note of the fact that we are not all about quality doors and windows—we are about creating new possibilities, changing how people think, feel and live inside a Norden Seal space. We aim at building quality, enhancing beauty, and spicing things up to make people’s everyday lives better. Our windows and doors are made using the highest quality of components, seeing to it that they remain resistant to the sometimes-harsh North American weather and delivers long-term performance, ease of maintenance and exceptional security.


We are determined to get it right every other time. Integrity is ingrained in Norden Seal. We strive to ensure that every client is happy with the choice they make, and every architect is proud of their projects following our projects. We offer a tested and proven product backed up by exemplary customer experience that goes way over and beyond.


For a positive experience for our team members, professional partners, and, most importantly, homeowners, there is quite a lot that goes on behind our products. Through our services, we focus on the relationships we build, maintaining attention to details to ensure that we have nothing short of state-of-the-art living spaces.

  • Well-thought details

    We are dedicated to a design that is as intuitive and functional as it is gorgeous. Crafted with remarkable workmanship, our items give quality you can feel, touch and see, in addition to beauty that brings delight, and unparalleled functionality.

  • A natural connection

    Fresh air, warm sunlight, and a touch of nature can elevate a room’s mood in an instant. Our products are designed to ensure that the connection is seamless, even if a living space is difficult to work around.

  • Building community

    It is our priority to put people first — not only in our design but also when it comes to how we create for the future. We firmly believe in building long-term and trusted connections with our customers, business partners, and communities, and we are committed to being around in times when they need us most.

  • Sustainability

    We are motivated by a desire to explore new possibilities. As people’s demands change and they look for methods to better their living environments, we must alter in order to meet their requirements in new and unexpected ways. We will continue to judge our performance in terms of how well we are able to assist people in living happier and healthier lives with each new innovation.